9 Environments That Shape Your Life


  • What causes our addiction to personal development

  • Shifting your mindset to believing you have enough

  • Why the likelihood of change is less likely without a catalyst

  • How your environments work on you 24 hours a day

  • The small ways to start changing environments

  • Creating environments that pull you into a bigger you

  • Where people go wrong in the process of changing environment

  • Anchoring environments to create change

13 FEB 2021

4PM IST / 1030 AM GMT


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Taking Control of the Environments that Control You

The environments that we live in—all nine of them—either inspire us or expire us. They facilitate our success or they detract from our success. They energize us or they drain us. They relax us or they stress us.


The good news is that we have a lot of control of the environments that affect us. W


While it is true that our environments exert a lot of control over our feelings and behavior, we have the power to create environments that positively impact us.

In this webinar - CSCHOOL examines how we can alter reality to be our creative best.