Strategic Redirection

Making The Right Decisions & Solving The Right Problems


Developed in response to intense client demand, our new Knowledge Access series offers short programs that provide you with immediate, actionable insights in light of the current pandemic and its economic aftermath. All Knowledge Access programs take place in a live, virtual learning environment and are taught by Chetan Walia and Rolly Srivastava.

Strategic Redirection

Date: Feb 19, 2021

Time: 12-3 p.m. IST

Price: ₹ 9500

Format: 3 hours, Online

Program Overview


In this fast-paced, highly interactive session, you'll get equipped with management strategies to effectively change the strategic direction of your organisation. Through a mix of short presentations, group discussions, and fast breakout sessions, you'll walk away knowing how to identify short-term fact patterns and face longer-term strategic threats.

Chetan Walia and Rolly Srivastava, your facilitators, teach leadership and coach C-suite executives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identifying the strategic change needed in your organisation

  • Define key drivers that can move your organisation in the new direction

  • Get hands-on advice for putting the key drivers in motion

  • Prepare for how to address the hazards, risks, and problems that will inevitably arise


  • The misunderstanding of Strategic Problems

  • Surviving the Present and Leading the Future

  • How to Avoid Trying to Solve the Wrong “Problem”

  • The Decision Making Tools for Succeeding

  • Preparing for Management Actions

  • Setting Action Priorities: Milestones, Measurements, and Red Flags


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CSCHOOL Learning Experience

CSCHOOL methods are designed to challenge assumptions and provoke new ways of working. You’ll learn from esteemed practitioners who apply these methods every day in their own work, and who have a passion for teaching.

Your learning is not limited to absorbing content. Here is the CSCOOL difference. You will interact live with your instructors, challenge them, clarify your doubts, apply learning to your situation and will get the one-on-one support that you need to make the change that you desire.

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