• Leadership in organisations is contextual, that is based on its goals and current realities. However leadership development is either a 'default-on-the-job-mode' or generic program based. The end result is that development builds readiness for a different and generic context and not the organisation-specific-context.


CSCHOOL's research on context illustrates how people set aside values and even critical beliefs in favour of context to take decisions. These biases drives actual leader behaviour. Development inputs are needed within and to challenge the contexts itself. This drives overall value creation.

CSCHOOL Solutions

The most common “leadership problem” is a “leader problem”—a problem stemming from the person or people in charge, such as managers, chairpersons, or team leaders. ...


Central to this process CSCHOOL creates 3-Month Rapid Diagnosis and Development Interventions to create turnarounds in the most critical Person-Specific areas.

Any mountain can be surpassed with these inputs.

Sandeep Vij, CEO, DDB Mudra



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