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Customised Webinars

Designed for Your Challenges and Objectives

Specifically conceived and built around your needs

Exclusively for Your Company Audiences

Choose a specific group or the entire organisation

Inspire and Engage People for Peak Performance

Give real world answers to real world problems

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Pick Your Themes

Over 200 topics to choose from

Select Your Audience

Can accommodate up to 5000 people

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Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

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CSCHOOL Custom Webinars

is a learning solution designed for creating inspiration and engagement for large organisations.

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Design and Development

Each custom program is carefully designed to fulfill your organization’s specific needs. The process is iterative and comprised of four steps:


  • Step 1 The design and development begins with a needs assessment and contextual analysis of the challenges you are facing.

  • Step 2 The second phase is a collaborative effort among our faculty members, and designated representatives from your organisation. 

  • Step 3 We then then meet to determine the program’s structure which includes content and session structure such as case studies, simulations, and materials.

  • Step 4 After delivering the program, an evaluation and refinement process takes place in order to make the necessary adjustments for the next iteration.