Create The Most Fast-Paced, Intensive, Makeovers That You Have Ever Experienced
With Chetan & Rolly

Limited to 12 Participants

Walk Out With Your Breakthrough Map




  • Economy is compromised.

  • Leaders are unclear.

  • Revenues and bottom lines are under threat.


Imagine experiencing rapid, remarkable, and  unachievable results start happening, continuing, and compounding — For The Rest Of Your Business & Career Life!

We are looking for  *12* highly motivated  individuals who are ready to dedicate themselves to taking their lives to a whole new level ― willing to play full-out and take massive action toward their most ambitious goals.

Seriously and sincerely...


Beyond exponential profit performance is not only possible –– it is PROBABLE IF you implemented all the 12 PRINCIPLES of Strategy that we have perfected and tested in over 200 organisations — and evolved and enhanced even more in the last two years.

Get the Private Inputs You Need to Achieve Your Biggest Dreams


They can be scary and feel downright impossible to achieve on your own. 


That’s because the bigger the goal, the greater the number of obstacles that not only get in your way, but they also keep you from staying the course to achieving your goal. 


There are more moving parts to deal with, and the risk feels so much bigger. The level of expertise required is so much higher. 


And there are so many unknowns that you simply can’t anticipate due to lack of experience.


That’s why one of the best ways to ensure you are successful in achieving your big goals is to have trusted mentors by your side who have successfully walked that path before you!

That's where Chetan and Rolly come in...

Create Breakthrough Maps For Transformative Results

Take Bold Action Toward Your Goals

  • Witness 12 Strategic Transformations LIVE For You To Emulate 

  • How To Create One-Page Strategy Maps For Transformative Results And Simplify It To A No-Brainer Level

  • How To Create New Value? And How To Expand Markets?

  • How To Create Multiplicity Of Ways To Capture The Value For Your Business?

  • How To Attract More People, More Employees, More Clients?

  • How To Create Exponential Success And How To Implement It?

  • How To Increase Your Impact In Economic Downturns?

  • How To Be The Best In Your Field?

  • How To identify Your Unique Strategic Leverage?

  • How To Expand Your Influence With The Same Resources?

  • How To Never Be Stuck Again Ever?

  • How To Have The Most Comparative Intelligence Advantage Over others?

  • How To Use Creativity To Introduce Novel And Useful Surprises in the Marketplace?

  • The Nine Drivers Of Breakthrough Performance

  • Competitive-Advantage Generating Pivots

  • How To Identify Leverage Points In Your Business?

  • How To Position And Portray Yourself Against Market Leaders So That You Can Make Dents In Their Pie?

  • If You Want To Stand Out In Any Market - What Are The Key (1,2, or 3) Universal Truths About Markets?

  • How To Use This Information & Create Strategic Transformations Starting Today?

We’re looking for 12 ambitious individuals who are ready to take their lives to a much higher level.

If you're feeling called to step up  in a bigger way — whether it's a big goal, or a massive transformation that will have a  huge impact on your life, the lives of others, maybe even the world around you — we want to help you bring your vision to life.

This Is For You Whether You"re Hoping TO

  • Make a BIG Breakthrough in your business

  • Starting a new business

  • Writing your bestselling book

  • Make a big leap in your career (or make a transition)

  • Complete a game-changing project

  • Find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning 

  • Launch a new organisation

  • Spearhead a movement

  • or simply want to find more meaning, balance, and freedom in your life...

Your LIVE Experience

FEB 21


Our journey starts with a 2-Hour kickoff session. We'll focus on getting you crystal clear what you want to accomplish, as well as the steps you’ll need to take to achieve it.

FEB 22 & 23



We have two sessions to prepare you or making Breakthrough Maps:

1- Top 3% Achievers - The Method

2- 12 Strategic Principles and Introduction to Breakthrough Maps

FEB 24,25,26


Of 3-4 hours each. Where we turn YOUR bucket lists into reality by creating strategy maps for transformative results.  you’ll get the personal laser coaching, group brainstorming, and accelerated problem-solving support you need to bring your vision to life.



Complete lifetime access to the program and recordings on our learning platform.​



12 Real Life transformations that you were privy to - available to you always as reference templates.

Sessions on all days 3PM onwards. All recordings made available.

Breakthrough Accelerator For Transformational Results

Starting 21 FEB 2021, we are going to spend 5 comprehensive sessions (over 15 LIVE hours) working with 12 game changers who are ready to to create monumental strategic shifts – we will give you the guidance, support and strategies needed to create transformations.



  • Master key drivers of breakthrough transformation

  • Get answers, tools, techniques, methodologies and strategies no one else you compete against possesses

  • ​Gain more certainty about your actions and learn how to shape the intended financial outcomes you’re after

  • ​Learn how to break through to peak performance 

  • ​Develop a far more effective way of organizing your time and business life — in a radically different, and far higher yielding manner

  • ​Construct a fully-developed business “total-transformation” strategy and experience the potential of its lifetime value as a reward

  • Embrace every day in your business more joyfully, hopefully, emotionally, healthfully

And a wealth of other results!

Work With The Best to Become Your Best


Chetan has been recognised as Top-100 Education Leaders in the world.

He is the author of eight books and scholarly research articles.

As CEO and founder of the BeOne consulting, he teaches entrepreneurs, leaders, and sales professionals how to accelerate the achievement of their personal, professional and financial goals.


Rolly is the force behind BeOne. She knows pretty much everything there is to know about starting, growing, and running an incredibly successful business while enjoying a healthy work/life balance and living a life of purpose and fulfilment. 

Rolly is an expert on creating change, and in coaching for breakthroughs.

Together Chetan and Rolly will give you the powerful strategies, mindset training, and support you need to create breakthroughs.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been astonished at how connected the teams were to the programs and how mindful they were about how they connected with each other during and after the programs.

Joydeep Mukherjee, CEO

H&R Johnson

This needs to be experienced more than understood. Experiencing this WILL create the change.

Bharat Goenka, MD


Chetan is understated, very very passionate, committed and result oriented. With Chetan besides you - any mountain can be surpassed.

Sandeep Vij

Co-founder aFAQs

Chetan is truly qualified to propagate breakthrough thinking by people and businesses as he follows the same in letter and spirit in his own business.

Amlesh Ranjan, Director


The program content is well researched and these exercises have long-lasting impact on the behaviour of the participant

Ram Natarajan, Ex Dir

Krishna Maruti

Lateral Thinking at it's best but also a major learning experience!

Sushil Premchand, Owner

PRS Group




When you surround yourself with successful, motivated, positive people, the energy and possibilities they bring to your life is unbelievable! 


Suddenly, thanks to their insight, expertise, and connections, things you would have thought impossible can be easily achieved in just a few days. 


You’ll gain access to skills and knowledge that have never been available to you before. You will be inspired by their examples and driven to meet your commitments and honor your accountability agreements with each other.

Turn Your Biggest Dreams Into Actionable Strategies

If by now you’re not convinced of our ability to help you breakthrough wildly — NO MATTER the current state of your business, allow us to galvanise you.

Independent agencies have reported (empirically) that $1 spent with us gives a return of at least $7.8. Try getting that at a bank.

The 3 Quickest Ways To Transformation:

FIRST, this training program turns up the performance pathways in your brain and your business by getting you to start thinking differently about WHAT you do, WHO you do it to / for, HOW you do it, what your REAL strategic objectives need to be…and much, much more.

SECOND, odds are high you’ve never properly understood (let alone activated) any of the  growth principles (some of which I mentioned above). If you don’t use them, your business loses them — and all the exponential profit performance they can or could be delivering for you.

THIRD, you’ve probably never thought about it before but almost everything that has happened to you and your business — good or bad, results from decision-making.

AND SO -- 


The bigger, the better, the faster, the more accurate and astute the quality (and consistency) of decision-making — the bigger, the better the outcome — And the more income you create.


  • You have big dreams and are no longer willing to settle for the “same old, same old” 

  • You want to create your legacy or make a bigger impact on the world

  • For all your success, you know something’s missing in your life - and you’re ready to close the gap

  • You’re ready to fully commit to achieving something BIG with your life 

  • You understand that you’ll achieve so much more, so much faster, as part of a team

  • You’re prepared to bring your A-game to the session sand commit to helping others as well as yourself



Tuition for this exclusive course is ₹26,000

This is mere fraction of what we charge corporate clients for the exact same process.

We have helped countless people create businesses breakthroughs and careers… become bestselling authors… turn six-figure businesses into thriving eight-figure empires… spearhead exciting new global initiatives… and find the purpose, balance, and freedom they crave.

This is a higher level of access and ongoing support than we have ever offered!

PLUS - This is covered by 'Love It Or Your Money Back Guarantee'


Make A Breakthrough Plan To Add An Extra Zero or Two To Your Annual Income

We can help you do that

Launch a successful business, write a book, or succeed at an ambitious project

We can help you do that

Make a bold move and discover freedom and purpose in your life

We can help you do that

We want to apply our laser focus to YOUR game-changing goals.  Are you ready to discover your Breakthrough Accelerator?

Let's Make Your Most Ambitious Dreams a Reality!



FEB 21- FEB 26
with Chetan Walia & Rolly Srivastava


 Membership is limited to 12 PEOPLE maximum to give everyone a very personal experience.  This is our most exclusive experience yet, and will SELL OUT!

YES, CHETAN & ROLLY!  I want to be one of the 12 committed people to participate in Breakthrough Acclerator and Walk Out With My Breakthrough Map


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Get Your AMBITIONS to Compound in the Most Mathematically Amazing, Positive, and Profitable Ways!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is it?

A: It is a fraction of our fee that we charge to our clients. Your total investment is ₹26,000. The fee includes life time access to the recordings.

Q: What are the dates and times of the sessions?

A: The live sessions take place from Feb 21 to Feb 26. 3 p.m. IST onwards.

Q. What if I am unable to attend some live sessions?

A: In that event you will always have the replays with you. Feb 24-26 are specifically designed to create your own breakthrough map as well. So it will be most useful to participate.

Q: Is this teaching, interacting..... and to what degree?

A: Breakthrough Accelerator is a hands-on interactive experience. It's like conducting an on the spot strategy and breakthrough plan for each of our 12 participants. 

Q: How does the 'love it or leave it' guarantee work?

A: You can ask for a full refund, no questions asked, anytime up to Feb 26, provided you attended the sessions. Simply send a mail to and its done.